Champions- Weather isn’t an issue on this unique two-story figure eight track Above the SpeedDome Arcade. Drivers must be at least 54" tall to take on one of these electric powered cars.

SlideWayz- Slip and slide around this highly polished slick track for a race with unexpected twists and turns. Guests must be 54” tall to drive.

Family 500- This track is for the kid in all of us! This road course features single and double seater cars. On the two-seaters, drivers must be at least 60” tall and passengers must be at least 40” tall. On the single-seaters, drivers must be at least 56” tall.

Mini Motor Jr. - Experience the quarter mile oval in an F2000 car. Drivers must be 48” tall to drive.

The Qualifier- Kids love NASCAR too - and they’ll love the chance to drive their very own car around this 200 foot starter track. Children must be at least 40 inches tall to drive.

Mini-Motor 5/8 scale mini NASCAR’s racing on the quarter mile oval with banked turns. Must be 64” tall to ride

NASCAR SpeedPark | 5555 St. Louis Blvd | Ste 375 | St. Louis, MO | 63042 | P: 314.227.5602